I'm Brandon Wetzstein and I started IN8 because I love creating spaces in which people can innovate and channel their curiosity towards productive outcomes.

I believe everyone has the capacity to innovate and be creative, given the right environment, support, and tools.

Innovation has always been an interest for me. Creating imaginative ways to conquer problems was fun, engaging, and rewarding. It wasn’t until I got involved in Design Thinking and Improvisation that I saw others around me blossom and create in unhindered ways. This was not the world I was used to working in, and I wanted more.

I dug deeper by designing, prototyping and testing various approaches and exercises. Speaking at conferences such as Minibar, Farcon Retail Analytics, and various Meetup groups has allowed me to share and test my ideas and learn from others as well.

I have also tested many of these exercises, boot camps, and events at companies I worked for, including Target Corporation, Best Buy, and Starboard Cruise Services.

The one thing I've found consistent in all off my roles is that opening up the creative and innovative talents of others in service of a shared goal is the most effective and rewarding approach in business.